Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Vann Cabin Progress Report:

The cabin was disassembled successfully.
Each log was labeled and stacked in order of replacement
The half log floor joist were in remarkably good shape although the two next to chimney were rotten.
Ceiling joist in first floor were in pretty good shape.
Ceiling joist in second floor were in good shape except for some rotten places on the outside edges.
There were no nails and only four wooden pegs holding the whole structure together. There were wooden pegs in the ceiling joist at each of the corners on top.
Rafters were fairly modern and not original and not in great shape.

Building Inspector:

Cabin progress to date and next steps:

I drew and submitted a detailed drawing of the foundation which was approved. Because of the flood plain this had to be a floating foundation with extra rebar.
After some time I was able to secure a licensed contractor to pull the building permit (at no charge, I have paid up to $500.00 for the service)
There will be no charge for the permit which is another substantial savings.
I have  engaged a surveyor to establish a bench mark for the flood plain.
        The cabin is 334 feet above sea level and the established flood plain is a distance above that at which the floor must be higher.
        Setting the elevation is the next step.
I have been cutting trees donated by Dewel Lindsey, Alan Reeves, Earl Lindsey, Robin Lindsey and others.
Steve Craw and I have limbed many of these trees and cut them into logs.
We are now transporting the logs to the saw mill.
Gorg Hubenthal and Tripp Johnston have set up a saw mill and begun sawing the logs to shape.
We will hew some of the logs this week with foot adzes.

Next step:

Dig and poor the foundation with rebar. This most be probed by inspector for soft spots.
Dig and lay foundation for fireplace and hearth with ledges for floor joist.
Lay pillars to proper height.
Install four sills and half log floor joist.
Install a 3/4 inch plywood floor.


It will be a meticulous process of stacking the logs in the proper order and with the proper dimension .
New dove tails will be cut to match the old.
Install door and window frames.
Face doors and windows.

Start on second floor.