Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kick Off For Kenneth Kids 2013

Brenda Blankenship Mount April 13th will be Kick Off For Kenneth's Kid's at the Ballfield please come out and enjoy the children and place that was Kenneth's passion. We will have games , blow ups , ID kids and hotdogs. Donations will be accepted. Kenneth never let the fact a child could not pay stand in the way of them playing. Kenneth and the CYO years ago has turned into the Cave Spring Activities Committee. We promise to always keep the ballfield alive and any activity that envolves our kids in Cave Spring in his Honor It is being named Kenneth Kelley Field in in his Honor.Any activity that involves our kids will be our number one concern. Not only do we care about out Kids we love our town and will promote it to the highest.The 4th of July fireworks brings in over 4000 people to Cave Spring. Please come enjoy our wonderful shops ,restaurants and as always Cave Spring Pool. The fireworks are the best around .Come send the day in the town listern to the bands play and at "dark thirty" enjoy the sky as we light it up.