Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is Sunday, only 2 more days away.  I'm painting something for my Mom (and yes, she knows already, so I didn't just give away my surprise ;P)  My son gave me his present 2 days ago, a card he made at school using my favorite color, which is turquoise.  He was so excited he just couldn't wait til Sunday!  Adorable....

But not all of us have our Moms anymore, and not all of us decided to have and raise children.  But I believe Mother's Day is still a celebration for the women in our lives.  When I was growing up, my Mom's best friend was a woman named Connie who had a daughter who was a year younger than me, and we spent tons of time together.  There are things "Miss Connie" taught me that my own Mom couldn't.  She loves me like her own to this very day, even though we've grown apart as friends over the years. 

I believe there is a universal desire to leave our mark in the world.  The most traditional way to do this is by raising children, but it's not the only way.  Women are mentors in the workplace.  Women are counselors who help us through difficult times in our lives.  Women are religious leaders who guide our way back to God when we're lost.  Women are teachers who inspire us to keep learning no matter how we old we are.  Women help when help is needed.  Women act when action is necessary.  Women comfort when comfort is lacking.  Women challenge when fear keeps us from living our dreams.

So if you know a woman who has done any of this for you, reach out to them this weekend and say "Thank you!"  Our local business owners have plenty of ideas for presents for every price range:
  • hanging plants, art and outdoor accessories at Cave Spring Hardware
  • arrangements, purses, and soaps at The Peddler 
  • jewelry and a new line of clothing at Country Cousins
  • antiques and affordable collectables at Blue Willow
  • unique re-purposed silverware at Christa's
  • gift certificates for make-up, tanning and hair at Signature Salon
So I hope you're inspired to celebrate not only Mothers on Sunday, but all the women in your life!  Where would we be without them?

by Kimmy Davis