Friday, April 26, 2013

Got Shoes?

We had to go buy my son some new shoes last week.  He's seven, and his feet keep growing--this is our 3rd new pair since Christmas!  Being involved in baseball is also a factor: his latest shoes collapsed in the heel area from all the running he's now doing.  It's totally worth the money for a new pair of shoes for that reason alone :)  So I now have 3 pairs of unwearable kid's shoes laying around cluttering up my space.  I hate clutter. I tend to collect clutter, but I still hate it. 

By coincidence, a flyer was sent home from the school this past week about the Soles4Souls shoe recycling project by the Girl Scouts at Cave Spring Elementary, but I thought the shoes for donation needed to be in almost-new shape in order for them to be donated to a child in need.  So I put the flyer aside and didn't think about it again.

I was in Signature Salon on Tuesday ($10 hair cuts!) getting my son's hair cut and happened to learn more about Soles4Souls.   I was wrong in thinking they needed only new or almost-new shoes; they want ALL shoes--even just ONE if that's all you can find!  The program collects so many shoes, they often can match shoes from separate places.  Non-matching pairs and unwearable shoes are recycled into clean energy programs. They even shred them and use them as playground substrate, which is safe and environmentally friendly for kids.

So bring your extra, outgrown, or otherwise non-useful shoes to Cave Spring Elementary's donation box out by the front door to the school.  They help kids who need them, and it helps you de-clutter your home.  A total win-win in my book!