Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vendors From the Arts and Crafts Show

In case you missed us, or saw something you wanted but didn't get a chance to buy, here are the local arts and crafts vendors from the Show on Saturday April 20th:

Jean Bray - quilting - 706-777-0560
Linda Gossett - sandals, kitchen towels/accessories, doll clothes -  706-234-4511
John Johnston - pottery - 706-777-8546
Ann Tatum - baby clothes, children's clothes, purses - 770-607-0300
Winnie Morrow - jewelry - 770-546-6864
Christine Lemons - soap - call the Welcome Center for information - 706-777-0299
Ray Macon - folk art (fireflies and owls) - 404-643-8215

Denise at the Rehabilitation Center - live plants & flowers - 706-777-2341
Bob Pridgens - wood furniture - call the Welcome Center for information - 706-777-0299
Sadie Eubanks - homemade pralines - 706-512-6688
Betty Lambert - chocolate jelly - 706-844-2783
Kimmy Davis - desktop wipe off message boards - 706-237-0745
Susan Childers - homemade chow chow, pickles, cook books - call the Welcome Center for information - 706-777-0299

We were busy all day, but especially so once the warm air blew in.  We had visitors from all over--I overheard hometowns like Cumming, Villa Rica and Guntersville!  That's a drive!  I feel like these visitors may have driven right on through our town but decided to stop when they saw our signs and tables.  I also saw a lot of them heading into our stores on the square--everyone wanted to walk around in the warm weather.

Cave Spring, you are so creative and supportive!  Thank you all, and I look forward to many warm happy weekends ahead!

by Kimmy Davis