Wednesday, April 17, 2013

When No One's Watching

Yesterday was another day of baseball games at Kenneth Kelley Fields.  Possible rain was in the forecast, but it stayed clear--at one point tonight, I looked up at the sky and saw blue sky over our heads.  I wondered if Mr. Kelley was watching the games.  It was almost dark as we pulled out of the parking lot and I told my son to notice, because in a month, it will still be light out at the same time.  And hotter, of course!

Saturday was a wonderful event, a celebration of Spring and sport and team spirit.  Even though there were no speeches last night and it was an average evening at the ballparks, it made my heart sing as I walked around: there were just as many friends and neighbors saying hello to each other, just as many cheers from the bleachers, and just as much community spirit as what I witnessed on Saturday.

They say that the truth of a person is the one you see when the camera is turned off, when they stop "performing" or acting and instead show their genuine personality.  As a town, our cameras were turned off last night, yet nothing had changed.  Cave Spring is a place where residents love, respect and reach out to others, and this was apparent last night.  This is Cave Spring's true identity.  And I'm proud to be a part of it.

by Kimmy Davis