Monday, October 12, 2015

Great News About The Vann Cabin

Mike Burton President If Cave Spring Historical Society would like to announce that Mr. Wes Walraven has given the society a check for $19,000 plus a check for $1,000 to be used to reconstruct the Vann Cabin. Steve Craw, Curt Burch and I helped provide him with 5,000 Vann Cabin bricks to be used in his historical renovation projects.

He and friends may be at our Worker’s Celebration Saturday so be thinking about appropriate ideas.

I will provide the brunswick stew, fire wood and black pot for cooking. I will need some volunteers to provide cornbread (or crackers) as well as tea. Do we still have bowls, spoons, napkins etc that we can use.

Rachel Craw and Brian Armstrong will be here Friday afternoon and all day Saturday working on their documentary.

The KSU cohort will be staying in the Hearn Inn Friday night and Colt has arranged a schedule for them on Saturday.

We may need a very short meeting Thursday evening to finalize plans. Keep calendars open if possible.

Mr. Walraven has graciously welcomed the board to visit his cabins on Lyons Bridge road. I believe this will give us a lot of insight into what can be done and how to proceed to our next step.

Summer saw a lot of work from Pete Mathis, Steve Craw, Curt Burch, myself and two sons cleaning up around the cabin and cleaning up the Cline lumber yard. This has had good effect on a number of people.  We are building a strong foundation for our next major phase of work.
The cabin model has made a significant impact on people in Cave Spring and at the Coosa Valley Fair. Thanks Pete, Ann and Billy Wayne with Tom Lindsey’s help. I am leaving some people out so please refresh my memory.

We are poised to do more good things.  I know everyone is doing things that have a positive impact. The next few months should be momentous. Thanks for all you do.