Wednesday, October 14, 2015

History Of Cherokee and the Vann Cabin In Cave Spring Ga(Beaver Pond)

 Vicki and I will be sharing a display of our early research done on the Cherokee and the Vann Cabin being preserved by the Cave Spring Historical Society.  Time and date are Sat.,  Oct 17,  10 AM until early afternoon,  downtown in front of the Vann Cabin.
Vicki and I will be there to answer any questions, and I will be giving a history tour at 1 PM which will help understand the land lots that comprise the downtown area surveyed in 1831. These lots were to offer to certain eligible groups for a very nominal fee by the state when the Cherokee Lands were taken some years before the Trail of Tears when the remaining Cherokee were removed from Georgia.  Our lots are 40 acre Gold Lots, being in the area from North Carolina southwestly  to here and  considered potentially gold bearing lands.   
      Vicki will also have early Cave Spring pictures preserved from her Uncle Thomas Ellis Dickerson 1899 to 1928, and other early Cave  Spring pictures from  family members shared for preserving.   Dickerson-Tumlin-Ellis Family history research done by Vicki will be available also, as well as the book, "A Brief History of Early Cave Spring, Georgia" done for all ages